Frequently Ask Questions

6)How do I know if league users are using the E-SPŌ app?

-User names will be blue in color, while non users are greyed out.

7)How to chat within E-SPŌ app?

Select the chatroom you want to chat in and chat away.

8)How to delete chat room?

Under the chat button, Select the chat room you want to delete, tap on the little wheel button thing. (screen shot) Delete button is highlighted in bright red. (screen shot)

You can not delete a chatroom created by the User.

9)How to view league schedule?

Select my leagues, under Leagues you will find schedule highlighted in Orange on the right of the league. (Screenshot).

10)Can I advance league?

-Only if you are the league owner or made commissioner by league owner.

-Advancing league action can only be performed using Companion App or within EA game title.

11)Can I reschedule Games?

-Yes, only before Commissioner has advanced the league

12)Can I invite other users to my league through the E-SPŌ App?

-Sure, but you must invite through EA game titles first.

13)Can I edit the league name?

-If you are the league owner then yes. If you are not the league owner that feature is disabled.